About Our Company

Automotive content that connects and engages with fellow enthusiasts.

Provectus Ventures, LLC, DBA Provectus Media, is an internet media company proud to be based in downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma. Founded in 2008, Provectus Media’s primary mission of providing top-notch, easy-to-navigate web content within aesthetically pleasing web formats has manifested into a network of popular content-driven infotainment web properties.

Leadership Bio:

tommy-0-60-timesThomas Johnson, founder and executive editor of Provectus Media, has been a certified car nut ever since doodling futuristic sports cars at the age of three. Growing up he was preoccupied by all things cars from remote control, to model, to Matchbox, and as a teen, working on the real thing. Naturally, Gone in 60 Seconds was his first purchased movie and Gran Turismo his first and favorite video game. In college Thomas initially pursued a Transportation Design major. During this time, he enjoyed meeting with renowned car designer Stewart Reed (behind the scenes at ROUSH Performance Products) to see his Cunningham C7 Grand Touring supercar concept. Spending time within the Johnson Controls Automotive Jaguar Design Studio further exposed him to the fundamental process of design, discovery and innovation in automotive design. In college Thomas and a close friend established a premium car detailing business fueled by their shared ambition to drive high-end cars. In the five years following college, Thomas utilized his marketing degree to lead the marketing department of a sizable Midwest e-commerce company. He was more than happy to help out the CEO by driving his Audi R8 to get serviced – a 400 mile trip. Today, Thomas is proud to operate Provectus Media, which of course includes automotive properties that perfectly aligns with his deep passion for cars. Although the automotive vertical is currently a pillar of Provectus Media, looking ahead, he is excited for the company to build an infrastructure of other stimulating web verticals as well.